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Happy 2018, happy 1000

written by andrea cardone Posted 03/01/2018

First day of this year, first thousands fan for our Facebook page. Many Italians, yes, but many of you choose us from abroad.

About half of our turnover comes from online sales, from customers who mostly provide other sales channels. We think about product design while many of you are spend themselves about spreading our signature all over the world!
And that's why you only have to tell you, once again,


Thank you because you are true and we do not want to achieve anything that is not true. We look forward to being able to thank you in person and meet you in Italy, in Europe and outside Europe. In fact, our upcoming appointments are confirmed at WHO'S NEXT & PREMIERE CLASSE (Paris, 19-22 jan) MODA ITALIA (Tokyo, 6-8 feb) and MICAM (Milan, 11-14 feb).

First one hundred Insta-followers!

written by andrea cardone Posted 01/01/2018

Isn't passed a month that you became 100 followers on our Instagram account.
Another achivement to share with you!

Next Opening

written by andrea cardone Posted 01/01/2018

Over ten years of success with all of you. Ten years of challanges and news and, most of all, wagers. That's why we come back in via Chiaia 65 with a new store. In that point, Naples meets the world and male and female fashion. 
It's been ten years since our style is been recognized all over the world, but we continue to hear our heartbeat here in Naples. We came to look forward to meet you in via Chiaia 65 with gift and presents for any of you, from web, streets and social networks!

Follow us also on Instagram

written by andrea cardone Posted 01/01/2018

#andreacardone is also Instagram from today. And that's because we belive in social networking!

Let's open the black week with a very good new: #missitalia Eldelfa Chiara Mash also wears Andrea Cardone.
Follow us also on Facebook.

3/4/5/6 Settembre 2016 The Micam Milano Pad.2 Stand R11 / S12

written by andrea cardone Posted 20/07/2017

Collezione Autunno/Inverno 2016/2017

6/7/8 Aprile 2016 Mostra Autonoma Shoes From Italy - Almaty Kazakistan

written by andrea cardone Posted 30/03/2016

Almaty 6/7/8 Aprile Palazzo DOM PRIEMOV - STAND 16 Kazakistan

The Micam

written by andrea cardone Posted 15/02/2016

14/17 February 2016 - The Micam - Milano Rho - Pad.2 Stand R 11

written by andrea cardone Posted 14/02/2016

22/25 January 2016 Who's Next - Paris - Porte De Versailles - Hall 3 Stand J 111

written by andrea cardone Posted 22/01/2016

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